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What Makes Us Different

We provide the recording software

  • Our recorder saves 30-min lessons in ±5.5 MB file sizes.
  • We record the audiovisual transfer of knowledge from educator to learner.
  • Bandwidth is not wasted with large video files.
  • A school does not need to purchase a server.


  • Teachers are mobile in classrooms whilst they or the learners write on the tablet.
  • Learners are not required to have tablets in class.
  • Learners can view lessons on Smartphones, tablets and computers with internet connection.
  • All educator-learner interactions can be recorded in the classroom.
  • WiFi/internet is not a requirement in classrooms.

Timeline & Library

  • The user-friendly timeline can be used to chronologically track lessons, homework and tests by the learner, educator and parent.
  • The data library (e.g. lessons, documents, templates, recordings) is automatically kept up to date.
  • Dynamic memorandum management is available for homework, including the automated tallying of marks.


Selections of learners, parents, classes, subjects or grades can be communicated with, and notified, by teachers and schools.
Parents can be notified when learners receive or submit homework and new tests with completion dates as well as test results.


  • Scriblr Education is available in English and Afrikaans. Learners and Teachers can choose their preferred language and other languages can easily be added.


  • Attendance of learners and educators can be tracked.
  • Parents can have peace of mind that learners are at school and attending the correct classes.

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About Us

We offer the most advanced educational tools available in South Africa. We take pride in the enhancement of teaching and learning experiences that are derived from the correct use of our software modules and tools.

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