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What our teachers are saying

"Since using the Scriblr programme, it feels as though I am able to keep the attention of the learners for longer. I am also able to easily focus their interest and attention. Scriblr is very easy to handle and use." - Marizaan Smit
Marizaan Smit Marizaan Smit,
“Learners love Scriblr and the discipline in the class is so much better because the learners cooperate so that they can also work on the tablet and be recorded. - Charmaine Barnard”
Charmaine Barnard Charmaine Barnard,
"The learners are very calm in the class – they don’t play and definitely pay more attention. The service that we receive is very good, and there is always someone who comes to help immediately." - Selma Janse van Rensburg
Selma Janse van Rensburg Selma Janse van Rensburg,
"The recordings take place in the background without interference to such a degree that I oftentimes forget to just pause when the bell rings or the intercom makes a noise. I really present my classes in the same way as I always have - it’s only the tablet that has replaced the chalk and whiteboard pen. The fact that I am recorded has also protected me when parents have complained about their perception of what I do, or don’t do, in class." - Gretha Schoeman
Gretha Schoeman Gretha Schoeman,

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