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If you enrol for our FREE one day demo, you will have access to the following facilities in our databse:
We use WhatsApp to help learners with their questions. This means that learners have access to a tutor when they need it!

All they have to do is to send a photo of their question to the MATHmechanic, and we will then reply with a WhatsApp voice note, text answer of we make a video of the solution and load it onto our system (we also provide a direct link as a reply on WhatsApp).

Learners can also see each other's solutions, and could even help in answering each other's questions. This will help learners that are a bit shy to also get answers, as someone else might have asked the same questions!

Sometimes the MATHmechanic will also give questions, to stimulate discussions.
The “CrashCourses” are text-based modules written specifically by the MATHmechanic. These modules are essentially mini-textbooks, but differ from conventional textbooks in the sense that the CrashCourse is enriched with audio-visual content, and in the process becomes a TalkingTextbook, which explains the difficult parts of the text.

In contrast to normal videos, where a question or concept is discussed one at a time, the CrashCourse is a TalkingTextbook that goes through the content from A to Z, with definitions, examples, discussions and exercises. We also expect the learner to READ.....
Have you ever searched for videos of explanations for Mathematics from the South-African curriculum? This is our answer...

ShowMe is a library of videos that shows the learners how to get to the answers.

Learners can browse through the database, and choose a question that is exactly what they need, or something similar to the problem they have, and then play a video-memorandum. To make it easy to find specific questions there is a search function, and each question is also provided with a preview picture.

The ShowMe videos oon the databse are ALL THE VIDEOS that are not indicated as CrashCourses or BackChat