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About Us

The development of Scriblr Educator started in 2004 with the goal of capturing the audiovisual transfer of knowledge within the classroom. Research and development was conducted with various schools from 2012 to 2014 in order to upgrade and perfect the software.

The School Management System was then developed in order to provide access to, and management of, recorded lessons, online assessments, homework and extra classes to connect parents, educators and learners.

The owners and management of Scriblr Education have a combined total of more than 100 years’ experience in the following fields:

  • Educational software development
  • Computer and software programming
  • Project management
  • Teaching and tutoring
  • Educational programmes and projects for government
  • Business management
  • Mentorship

We are proud to enhance the lives of educators, learners and parents through cost-effective technology in the advancement of educational excellence.


We advocate that cost-effective, technology-driven schools are within the reach of learners, educators and parents in the advancement of educational excellence. This revolutionary technology entails the use of a mobile teaching and recording tool (for the creation of lessons and documents by educators in the classroom or at home), as well as a management system (providing access to recorded lessons, online assessments and extra classes) designed to connect parents, educators and learners.

Scriblr Educator software

  • A tablet is used as a teaching, writing and recording tool giving the educator mobility in the classroom.
  • Records text and both verbal and written communication that is linked to class content (e.g. textbooks, ebooks).
  • Used as a tool for content creation.
  • Used in the development of edocs and ebooks.

Scriblr School Management System

  • Enables upload of lesson recordings for replay as revision or extra classes.
  • Facilitates uploading of extra lessons, recorded lessons, revision tests and documents.
  • Allows access to, and interaction between, learners, parents and educators.
  • Focuses on, and tracks, the activities in and around learner tuition.

Special features

  • Extremely cost-effective solution.
  • Tablets for learners are optional.
  • Internet-based system, allowing 24-hour access anywhere, anytime.
  • Audiovisual recordings.
  • Records in tiny file sizes.
  • WiFi/internet is not necessary in classrooms.
  • A school does not need to purchase a server.
  • Customizable selection of features.
  • Not all the educators in a school need to use the Scriblr Educator.
  • Offline viewing available.

Enroll your school and improve the knowledge, grades and skills of learners for their future.

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About Us

We offer the most advanced educational tools available in South Africa. We take pride in the enhancement of teaching and learning experiences that are derived from the correct use of our software modules and tools.

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