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- Teacher records lessons audiovisually

- Improve parental involvement with schoolwork

- View lessons over and over again

- Use Scriblr Educator - a mobile teaching and recording tool

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- Tests are automatically marked saving you time

- Lessons & homework & tests are displayed on the dashboard

- Communicate with parents & learners

- Share the work load

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- Catch up on missed lessons

- Homework can be submitted online

- Simple but powerful timeline

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- Average size of 5.5MB per thirty minute recording!

- See Demo Recording Here: See Demo

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- Child's timeline/dashboard is visible to parents

- Increased parental involvement via notifications & access to classwork

- Lessons, Class recordings, Homework, Tests, To do list, Messages

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- View lessons anywhere, anytime

- Tests improve memory & grades

- Use Smart phones, Tablets & Computers

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- Give your child the best possible future

- Increase learning motivation

- Create an enthusiastic attitude

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- Do your part

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- Don't delay and become part of a winning learning community

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Scriblr Educator

Scriblr Educator is specifically designed with the teacher in mind. A user-friendly platform to record and share teachings with students after school. Download Scriblr Educator.


Teachers Using a tablet as the writing tool in class, rather than an Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) would install the ScriblrPAD on the device being used. Download ScriblrPAD.

Snapshot tool

The Snapshot tool is used for creating snapshots of lessons and learning material it is used in conjunction with Scriblr Educator to share with students. Download Snapshot Tool.

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Welcome to Scriblr Education

Why Everyone Wants It

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  • A cost-effective and comprehensive solution providing the latest technology for virtual and paperless schools.
  • Immediate access to an overall view of education in the school in terms of lessons, content management and usage at any given moment.
  • Effective integration of school management, educators, learners and parents.
  • A uniform basis can be provided for class lessons and lesson preparations.
  • Lessons can be pre-recorded for use when educators know that they will be absent at a later date.
  • Recordings of given classes can be used when educators are absent.
  • Extra income can be generated through the enrollment of distance learners for extra classes.
  • Additional revenue can be generated by the school through the sale of class recordings and edocs.

  • Tests can be used to increase repetition of work by the learner without increasing the educator’s workload.
  • Replay of recorded lessons by the learner saves the educator time and repetition.
  • The automatically marks revision tests.
  • Emails can be sent to specific learners, the whole class or even the whole grade.

  • Parents can stay in touch via notifications regarding the learner’s activities at school, e.g. class participation.
  • Missed school days can be recovered by accessing the lessons and tests that are available on the system.
  • Increased parental involvement is now possible via notifications as well as access to lessons and tests.
  • Learner progress is tracked and the history of previous achievements can be accessed.

  • Any lesson and documents can be viewed and listened to at anytime, anywhere, on most Smart, internet-connected devices.
  • Learners can ask other learners and educators questions about schoolwork and activities.

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We offer the most advanced educational tools available in South Africa. We take pride in the enhancement of teaching and learning experiences that are derived from the correct use of our software modules and tools.

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